New! Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo by Forever Living. Hair Care with the Power of Aloe Vera.

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$ 16.99
You'll notice Forever Living cut down on the amount of ingredients they had previously, because these new ingredients are so powerful! Instead of having to rely solely on man-made sudsing agents, their favorite ingredient: Aloe, naturally supplies saponins which help create a gentle lather. An equally important shampoo star is jojoba which gives a keratinizing effect that brings out the hair's natural colors and brilliance. Forever Living also recognizes that it's important to condition your scalp and hair during shampooing. It feature Forever Essential Oils Lavender, which imparts a soothing fragrance, helps hair's shine and supports the scalp. The last oil is a rich one. Rose Hips oil is the only vegetable oil to naturally contain Vitamin A, plus it has high levels of vitamin C. Rose Hips oil will help keep your scalp moisturized. These ingredients remove even the clingiest oils while simultaneously soothing your scalp.
  • - A new, cleaner formula perfect for all hair types!
  • - pH-Balanced
  • - Sulfate Free
  • • 3 natural oils to soothe the scalp
- A new, cleaner formula perfect for all hair types!Forever Living

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