Italian Double Espresso "Philosopher's Glass" (Set of 6)

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Italy is the birthplace of espresso. Whatever the place or whatever the time, there is a wonderful smell of "caffe." It is the national drink over which business is conducted, contracts are signed, meetings are held and friendships are formed or reconciled. In Italy, the modern coffee bar is a cultural and social gathering point where patrons enjoy their daily espresso al banco (at the bar), sipped from this trendy shot glass, modest in size, yet large enough to hold a double espresso, often called the "philosopher's glass." The sophisticated, minimalist Italian Double Espresso "Philosopher's Glass," an interplay of function and design, features a thick, weighted base with floating bubble detail. Crafted for professiona barista service, the glasses are dishwasher safe and maintain crystal clear appearance over time even with everyday use. Set of 6 Italian Double Espresso "Philosopher's Glasses includes a guide called "How to Drink Espresso."
  • Set of 6 Double Espresso Glasses with weighted base and floating bubble
  • For service in modern Italian Coffee Bars where espresso is a true art form
  • Crafted for the professional coffee bar; dishwasher-safe up to 5,000 cycles
  • Specifications: 3 1/2-inches (H); 1 3/4-inches (D); 3 1/4-ounces capacity
  • Includes guide called "How to Drink Espresso"
Set of 6 Double Espresso Glasses with weighted base and floating bubbleHISTORY COMPANY

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