Mother Baby Swim Float Ring, Safe Inflatable Mother and Baby Seat Floating Kid's Chair Swimming Pool Floats by JISIMI

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Color: Yellow+Blue
Material: PVC plastic
Target audience: 6-24 months baby
Size: 100cm * 70cm
Max load: 15kg


1. Non-toxic without any irritating smell, Baby bite is safe.
2. Good Strength And Flexibility.
3. Special design for Mother and baby use it at same time.
4. Promote your communications and love with your baby.


1. This product is non-life-saving supplies.
2. Prohibit direct contact with sharp items and open fire.
3. Inflatable to moderate(80% is ok).
4. This baby float can be only used in shallow water.
5. Should be under the supervision of adults NEVER leave child unattended.

Packaging included:

1x Mother & Baby Swim Float
  • √ 1 - Made of healthy PVC material, you can use it with confidence.
  • √ 2 - Suitable for 6-24 months baby, Need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • √ 3 - Double ring design, one for baby and another for parents.
  • √ 4 - Size: 100cm x 70cm, Load-bearing:15kg.
  • √ 5 - Easy to use and easy to carry, can be inflated and deflated at any time.
√ 1 - Made of healthy PVC material, you can use it with confidence.JISIMI

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