Dickies® - Men's Big & Tall Medium Regular Straight Fit Denim 5-Pocket Jeans

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Comfortable, functional, and sturdy are three words that pretty much sum up these fabulous Dickies® - Men's Big & Tall Regular Straight Fit Denim 5-Pocket Jeans to a 'T.' As arguably the most popular type of pant sold anywhere in the world with millions being made each day, jeans are the undisputed go-to option for men and woman across America. So yeah, you guys out there can't afford to not have a healthy stash of straight fit jeans tucked away in your wardrobe at all times. The perfect fashion option for any and all types of activities and occasions, from semi-formal to downright laid back, a good, solid pair of jeans will always fit the bill. Wear 'em to work, or wear 'em out on the town; jeans look good anytime and anywhere. And because denim becomes softer as it ages - a very attractive quality in a piece of clothing - you can rest assured that these awesome men's jeans will be right there with you come rain or shine. Machine wash.